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The Price offer function

Our offer within one minute!

With the price suggestion function in our shop, you can make a price offer for many items. The price proposal is not binding. Should you change your mind, you don't have to proceed with the order.

In our shop you can buy with a low price guarantee! If youre not happy with the low price, you can either send us an e-mail at:
customer-care@timeshop4you.co.uk or use our

price offer function (on the right side, under the shopping cart button).

We will then review the offer and get back to you in one minute!

Please make sure that the low price guarantee is only valid for online shops in your country! Portals like eBay or Amazon will not be taken into account.

The price suggestion function can be found on the right side, under the shopping cart button. Products, where the price has been strongly reduced, dont qualify for a price offer.


Subsequently, a field appears, in which you can submit your offer to us.


Please fill out all fields carefully so that we can contact you, if needed. As a rule, we will get back to you within one minute.

Tip: Completely unrealistic price offers can not be taken into account, of course! It should be noted that no further discounts will be granted at the suggested price.

Have fun!